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An educational resource library, both historical and current, explaining the criminal coercion and legal deception that has, through fear and fiction, combined to bind us into slavery.

John Smith explains the Common Law Court

Why do we need a Common Law Court,  why the current system is failing? Governments are not looking after the people, the judiciary is not about justice, it is serving a corporate agenda and vested interests.

Common Law Court

We are currently governed by a commercial legal system that seeks to control and charge you for everything. The Common Law Court is currently involved in a direct challenge to the authority, and jurisdiction of these commercial courts. Join the Common Law Court to take back your rights.

The Challenge to the Courts and Crowns Authority & Jurisdiction

John Smith, of the Common Law Court and David Noakes at Southwark Crown Court, challenging the courts decision to prevent the sale of GCMAF, a cancer cure that supports the body’s own natural immune system.

Untested 5G Being Rolled Out

Untested technology is being installed worldwide 5G is a telecommunications technology that is being rolled out across the country without any testing on the effects to the human body despite the repeated concerns from doctors around the world.

Lynda Thyer’s Unlawful Imprisonment

Do the people have any authority? Lynda Thyer, scientist, has unlawfully been imprisoned for curing many individuals of life-threatening cancers. The Common Law Court call for her release.

Void Court Orders

Unlawful court orders are being issued against the people. The Judges refuse to comply with their own rules to set these aside. Confirming that our legal system is run for profit and not justice.

Spies, Lords and Predators British Elite Child Abuse Scandal

Child abuse by the state.

Queen Elizabeth was never rightly crowned!

The coronation was void because the Stone of Destiny was missing. The Stone of Destiny is an ancient symbol of the monarchy, used for centuries in the inauguration of its kings.