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Final Notice to all World Leaders

To Jacinda Ardren (Prime Minister), We the people having forwarded a copy of the ‘Declaration of the Common Law Court’ for you to examine, write to acknowledge your refusal to answer the people within the period given.

Natural Law | The Basis of Common Law

What we call the Common Law arises from the normal interaction of people with one another according to their nature and customs, which maintain peace and equity between themselves. Common Law is the human manifestation of the universal Natural Law, and creates no hierarchy or dominating force over people.

Notice to World Leaders and Heads of State

Crimes against the people are no longer acceptable, the people have confirmed their inherent and inalienable right to stand together and have created their own Declaration for their Common Law Court.

New Zealand’s Common Law Court website goes live

This website provides all living men and women in New Zealand the means to reclaim their unalienable birth rights and freedoms. Here you will find how to register your birth, claim your legal fiction and stand under the authority and jurisdiction of the Common Law Court.