Humanity and its Sovereign, Self-Governing Consciousness

Men and women are a complete creation dependent on nothing but their own nature, which endows them with an inherent self­ governance: that is, the desire and capacity to be fully responsible for themselves, others and creation. This nature is expressed through their reason and virtue, which are infused with and manifest all three of the natural laws.

The Three Universal Axioms of Natural Law

Unity of Creation: The nature and power of all creation is contained within every one of its elements. All things take their substance from the nature of the whole, and every element of that whole is equal to every other element. This unity is the basis for the harmony and commonality of all things.

Commonality of Creation: As a consequence of this unity, every part of creation is connected to and mutually dependent on every other part. By nature, things that are equal to the same common source are equal to each other. Therefore, all things are by that nature placed in common and every part has an equal share in creation.

Goodness of Creation: The Natural Law establishes the wholeness and integrity of all parts of creation. Energy and life is kept in a continual balance for the health and growth of every part. Reality is infused with a divine balance and harmony.

The inborn reason and virtue of people express these laws and manifest as just moral and political principles of Liberty, Equality and Peace. People are capable of living according to these laws through their own sovereign consciousness which makes them just, self­ governing men and women who can form lasting covenants by which to live.

This sovereign consciousness directs random events into virtuous, purposeful action according to the Natural Law and thereby creates ethical existence and meaning. As a mirror of creation, it is human nature to be self-governing, to seek what is right and just for all people, to avoid enmity and warfare, and to share the fruits of creation and their labor with all people.